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Eline studied Architecture at the Technical University of Delft and the Technical University of Berlin. She worked at Kraaijvanger Architects in Rotterdam as part of the team that delivered the new school campus in Lelystad and a museum for the philosophy of life. Since 2020 Eline is working for Heren 5 architecten on several large-scale residential projects as well practiced independently developing small-scale residential projects in the Netherlands.

Her interest in architecture started at a young age. As a child she moved six times. Every time the buildings function changed. Centuries old warehouses, farms, offices; all changed to her new home. This has given her a fascination for the question how it is possible that such old buildings could remain in use for centuries. To be well equipped for today’s sustainable tasks, insight into this area is necessary. It has to do with the flexibility of the plan, the properties of the materials used, the location but for sure also with beauty. It is crucial as an architect to design buildings that give people a rich experience that they love to store in their memory. After all, a building that is loved will have less chance of being demolished.